The innovation of Baraldi hob under the stoneware

Baraldi created an innovative product to meet the new needs of industry professionals and design enthusiasts, thanks to its combination of advanced technology and refined aesthetics

Baraldi opens a new era in the kitchen thanks to the possibility of using the hob, for the first time with the hood integrated, directly under the stoneware top. The integration is total and the overall area of the hob, when is not used for cooking, can be used like the rest of the top surface, increasing the space available in the kitchen. The products represent a real evolution in the design and functionality of modern kitchens. Integrated under the ceramic stoneware top, these hobs not only offer unparalleled elegance, but they also guarantee.

Three sophisticated solutions

The DIAMOND INVISIBLE model, for example, includes a high efficiency suction system of 700 m³/h and a sophisticated integrated touch control, making the kitchen not only more functional, but also aesthetically impeccable. A patented opening system allows you to lift the central area of the hob to simplify operations of cleaning. In a few seconds, without removing or dismantling various elements, it is possible to clean the inside and outside of the product without any effort. The PHANTOM model is a hob offering the possibility to have a work area characterized by an elegant LED perimeter light that signals its operation. Covered by another patent, this product minimizes the possibility of damaging the surface of the worktop due to heat. Finally, the SHADOW series, always with stoneware finishes, allows the hob to be built in like a normal induction hob even in tops made of other materials.

High level technical and safety features
The technical characteristics of these hobs are designed to meet the highest demands. With four cooking zones equipped with a bridge function, long pans can be used on both sides, offering flexibility and versatility in the kitchen. In addition to aesthetic and functional innovation, Baraldi has paid particular attention to safety. The hobs include features such as child safety lock, pan detection and limit temperature lock, ensuring safe use at all times. With nine power levels plus the booster function, you can precisely manage the cooking of any dish. The positive response from the public and industry professionals demonstrates that the integration of advanced technology and elegant design is the key to the future of modern kitchens. Baraldi interprets and anticipates the needs of the market, proposing solutions that not only improve functionality, but also transform the kitchen environment into a space of beauty and innovation. With these solutions, the company is ready to set new standards for the kitchens of the future.