Performance and style in the new cooktops by Fulgor Milano

During the 2024 edition of EuroCucina, Fulgor Milano presented some new products. Among these, we can mention 90 Enova Induction and 80 Aria.

90 Enova Induction is a cooktop of the Enova Line, in which the iconic design of Fulgor Milano blends with functional technical features, are receiving the favor and appreciation of designers around the world due to the manifestation of its own identity obtained through the opportunity to customize the color of the profiles and control knobs to be able to match the style of the kitchen.

80 Aria + cooktop with extractor hood

The Aria+ cooktop comes in a new version with an exclusive extractor hood with an efficient and sophisticated design. It will be possible to customize the hood, thanks to the interchangeable metal strip positioned in its center. The available finishes will be those already proposed for professional line: Inox, Brass, Bronze and Black. Its integrated suction system is versatile, offering either suction or filtering capabilities – a testament to the cooktop’s thoughtful design and adaptability to various cooking needs.