In the eclectic space of Serena Confalonieri

Serena Confalonieri
Designer and art director in the fields of interior and product design, and also graphic and textile design, Serena Confalonieri opens the doors from her new home,
Designer Serena Confalonieri in her new house, a loft in Milan

"This loft was previously an architectural studio; I wanted to keep the space division as it was, with the mezzanine and the service block", designer Serena Confalonieri told us speaking about her new home located in Milan, in Lambrate disrict, a special loft for its shape and interior style where she lives together with his partner Marcello Fausto and their Lakeland Terrier. Developed on two levels flooded with natural light, the designer’s loft is a kaleidoscopic space that fully expresses her multifaceted soul and her resolute and eclectic personality. Inside the house, both products of design companies and self-produced furniture and accessories are mixed with grace and harmony, combined with objects with a strong emotional bond: pieces collected during travels, musical instruments, old advertisements, travel guides, art books and much more. A unique and original way of personalizing the habitat, therefore, which represents the mirror of the owner's ironic character.




A minimal and fanciful kitchen

In the living area behind the sofa, there is the kitchen area, a limited and hyper-functional area that has been furnished with a long line of base units, without wall units. The model is the Very Simple Kitchen free standing system, which the designer chose in the Very Wooden Kitchen variant, that is the wooden version. For the bases that make up a continuous line, the wooden doors with visible veins are painted in grey color, which makes the style and size minimal. "As regards the furnishings, the common thread between the kitchen and the living room area is maintained by two elements of the Zdora collection, which I created in collaboration with La Pietra Compattata and Very Simple Kitchen. These are the dining table and the worktop of the kitchen".

The stoneware top with the Zdora colored square design, created specifically, is therefore the chromatic and decorative characterizing element of the kitchen, and is combined with the dining table top with steel structure; the light yellow wall highlights the delicate design of the worktop which rises slightly vertically, defining a backrest. Above, two wall lamps with pale pink opaline glass diffusers from the Mata collection designed by Serena Confalonieri for MM Lampadari. In front of the bases, the wall with an upper opening in exposed concrete, which leaves the space open and lets in light, is hollowed out at the bottom with a long niche useful for placing, but also displaying, crockery, porcelain tableware collections, small appliances and various objects.

Very Simple Kitchen in grey color wood with visible veins and Zdora stoneware top