Barazza, a steely challenge

Barazza ha presentato al Salone una nuova modularità da 75 cm: forni e microonde, piano a induzione, lavelli, vasche e frigorifero
Expertise in steel processing is the starting point of Barazza's mission, interpreter of Italian know-how by offering technological solutions for the kitchen

Over 50 years of experience, an undisputed expertise in steel processing, a specialization in built-in solutions and an entirely made in Italy production. Barazza is one of those virtuous companies that translates Italian taste into products appreciated throughout the world. An industry that offers appliances and kitchen solutions able to challenge standardization. A reality that is still in the hands of the same family today. Chiara Tonello, marketing & communications manager, talks about the strengths of a company born in 1968 in the so-called Inox Valley, "a term used informally to describe the area-system of the Treviso district, and in particular of Conegliano, specialized in the processing of stainless steel”.

Chiara Tonello, marketing & communications manager of Barazza

Is steel processing still one of your strength?

For Barazza it constitutes the main core of the activity, since we are able to shape steel, creating both standard and customized products upon customer request. We use a high quality raw material, in particular AISI 304, composed of 18% chromium and 10% nickel, known for its resistance to corrosion and hygiene, and AISI 316 steel, appreciated for its resistance to atmospheric agents, used in Barazza's Outdoor collection. Recyclable and free of toxic emissions, the materials also reflect Barazza's attention to the environment.

What are the strengths of a manufacturing company like yours that has to compete with large multinationals?

Being a medium-sized company offers several strengths, including agility, flexibility and innovation. The ability to react to changes promptly, to focus on the customer for satisfying specific needs with customized solutions, the specialization in market niches and a corporate culture rooted in values constitute solid foundations for success. To be more versatile we introduced flexible production processes allowing us to easily accommodate customized requests without compromising standardized production.

With Aura Advance, Barazza enters the world of Cooling and Washing

What are the values that best define your identity?

Creativity and the Made in Italy brand are the beating heart of our philosophy which aims to combine beauty and functionality. Craftsmanship and technological innovation walk together in our production process, guaranteeing maximum attention to detail to satisfy the needs of our customers also thanks to competent staff. Fuoriserie products, in this sense, are the maximum expression of our potential. In fact, by combining the cooking and washing elements with customized dimensions and finishes it is possible to obtain "tailored" solutions tailored to the needs and desires of customers who are actively involved in the production process. Also thinking of future generations, we are finally committed to eco-sustainability and for this reason we adopt practices and processes that reduce our environmental impact.

How much is export worth for your company? What strategies are you implementing to further develop international markets?

Exports currently represent around 30% of global turnover, but this is a continuously and constantly growing trend. We are particularly concentrating our resources on the Asian and Middle Eastern markets, introducing collections specifically designed for these areas, where the Made in Italy brand is highly appreciated and enhanced.

The range of Barazza black and stainless steel equipped channels expands with new sizes and functions