Fulgor Milano: a history spanning 75 years

Fulgor Milano continues to emerge as a leader in innovation and design of high-end appliances, focusing on the tradition and excellence of Made in Italy and expanding its vision.

Fulgor Milano, an Italian brand symbol of excellence and craftsmanship around the world, this year celebrates its 75th anniversary as ambassador of high-quality Italian manufacturing in the production of appliances. A goal that few can boast confirming the key role of the ability to understand, over the decades, the needs and trends of the market, reinterpret them and translate them into collections able to surprise and revolutionize the kitchen, and of the ability to know how to combine mastery and commitment, sharing a vision toward the future and an approach oriented to giving value to the territory in which the company is located. Furthermore, it represents the result of the commitment, energy, and strength of Fulgor Milano, the Meneghetti family, and its collaborators, who strive every day to promote Italian quality and Italian style all around the world.

Fulgor Milano is synonymous with competence, tradition but also ingenuity. In fact, since the beginning of its activity as a kitchen factory in 1949, the company Fulgor has distinguished itself by its innovative and enterprising character by introducing the first built-in appliances. It won over the American people with its creations in the 1990s, and in 2009, coinciding with its 60th anniversary, it went through a major change: the acquisition by the Meneghetti SpA, founding Fulgor Milano. Today the brand has consolidated and strengthened its presence in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and Australia thanks to the distribution network that has expanded during its 75 years of history.

The Meneghetti family

In addition to being internationally recognized for its passion and high level of innovation, the brand is appreciated for its distinctive style: an elegant, refined and contemporary design characterized by meticulous aesthetics with sophisticated finishes, representative of the desire to camouflage and harmonize the furniture with the different components. At the origin of the conception of the products, which are designed with the aim of being conceived not only as appliances but rather as ideas and paths to be told, there are key concepts such as technological research and innovation and attention to the smallest details and materials.

Fulgor Milano’s universe offers a series of specific products for those who, in the kitchen, require maximum performance without setting limits on performance and, above all, thanks to the principles mentioned above, the company has been able to develop high functionalities able to respond to the different needs of the final consumer, an aspect evident in the whole range. Demonstrating this latest claim, a few months ago, among the products showcased at Eurocucina 2024, Fulgor Milano presented the world premiere Sofia 60” Induction Range All-Glass, the exclusive model that represents the height of the brand's Professional Line as it is the only one in the world to feature a single 150 cm glass ceramic top. Besides, the brand stands out as the first company in Italy to introduce a 75 cm oven; this introduction further underlines Fulgor Milano’s commitment to offering advanced solutions for the modern kitchen.